Baron Pierre de CoubertinIn the heyday of Olympia the glory of the Olympic Games consisted in aharmonious blending of arts and sports. So it should be once again in the future.
Pierre Baron de Coubertin
LE FIGARO, Juli 1904

Following the successful “ARTIADE – Olympics of Visual Art” exhibition, in Atlanta 1996 on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the modern Games, the 3rd. “ARTIADE – Olympics of Visual Art” also organized by founder Renate Westhoff, was held in Athens. From 12 August to 01 September 2004 parallel to the Venue. 172 artists from 80 countries participated and had their works exhibited for the duration of the Olympic Games. The ARTIADE documents a harmonious meeting of nations, using art as its means of communication, a reflection of the cultural background of each Nation.

There is an ever-increasing need to take a ‘step back’ in order to find a cultural counterbalance and a sense of transparency, in the face of the increasing commercialisation of the Olympic Games. This exhibition offers the ideal medium for documenting the ‘feel’ of any country – current events, emotions, and traditions. In short, it is a forum for world culture.

In other words, every Olympic nation will sends not only its athletes, but also its artists, who will reflect the cultural identity of their countries of origin:art - das Kunstmagain

“…It is the artists’ works that tell us about life in the countries from which they come…”
Gerhard Mack, (‘art’ Magazine, Germany)

In this way the ARTIADE emphasised the positive, unifying nature of the sport Olympics. Through this exhibition the original meaning of the Olympic ideal was revealed in the present time. Athletes and artists represented two sides of a common culture. The exhibiting artists have been able to express their opinions and emotions without any restraint.

The exhibition was formerly being organised by the “Kulturstiftung ARTIADE e.V.” (Cultural Foundation ARTIADE), registered as a cultural organisation in the Federal Republic of Germany and its President Renate Westhoff. It was supported by a number of prominent figures, most particularly by the former German Federal President, Johannes Rau.

Entry was open to all artists working in the fields of:
– Painting
– Installation
– media and video art
– Sculpture

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